Codiform and Geoffrey Wiseman have worked on a wide array of projects for different industries. Reach out if you’d like to hear about specifics or about projects that are closely related to your current challenges.

Recent Highlights

These are a few highlights from recent work that can give you a sense of the breadth of work that Codiform has been delivering for clients recently.

Containerized Cloud Microservices

Several new microservice APIs for a client in the insurance industry for internal and external use with partners and vendors. The client’s Java background made the JVM the most likely platform, but parts of their aging technology stack weren’t serving them well. We were able to evolve the technology stack with the team to use Kotlin and Spring Boot for microservices, REST Assured for testing, OpenAPI for documentation, and AWS ECS for deployment with automation in Terraform and Python/Boto3. Mentoring the team on adopting new techologies stack was rewarding.

Kotlin, Spring Boot, REST, Rest Assured, OpenAPI 3.x, Amazon Web Services, Terraform, Python/Boto3, AWS Elastic Container Service

Modernization and Cloud Migration

Moving a large on-premise system to the cloud comes with lots of challenges, particularly if it’s not already a modernized application. Either you lift-and-shift first and then attempt to evolve the system in place to be more cloud-native, or if you modernize the system while it’s on-premise and migrate as you go. Trade-offs abound, and navigating all of these complexities can really slow the project down. Although the order matters, in the end you’re looking to have a modernized, cloud-native application that is more resilient by virtue of avoiding deep dependencies on on-premise networks and resources.

Amazon Web Services (EC2, ECS, S3, RDS, CloudWatch), Terraform, Ansible, Project Management, Cloud Architecture

Life Insurance eApplications

Software for creation and management of term and whole life insurance applications from broker to issuing, including PDF generation and integration with a back-end iSeries (AS/400) policy management system.

Java, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Hibernate, MySQL, iText, JT/400, DB2/400

Open Source

Codiform has a long history of using and contributing to open source software. When possible, I like to contribute code that we’ve written back to the open source community. The most recent work I’ve open-sourced can be seen on GitHub.

Past Work

I’ve worked on a wide array of other projects:

If you’d like to hear more about one of these projects or how I can help you with your project, just ask.


Codiform uses technology as a means to accomplish the work, so I try and remain flexible about the technologies I use, and make sure I’m using right tools for each job. The technologies I’ve most recently used and are most interested in:

Whether you have a platform already set in stone, or you’d like help choosing the technology that best fits your particular needs, Codiform would be happy to help.