While building GitHub Actions Usage, I considered the fact that if someone wanted to use the output in automation, the default output might not lend itself incredibly well to parsing. It’s not so much that it’s unparseable, but it wasn’t structured to make that easy. So I filed an issue to consider alternate formatting options, but since I didn’t currently need that for myself, I didn’t implement it.

Conveniently for me, before I needed it myself, kim0 contributed it as a pull request.

I took a look, and while I did want to make some additional enhancements and tests on top of the work kim0 contributed, it was definitely easier to do take the pull request and make some changes than it would be to do the work from scratch. So, I made another branch, added some work to it, and made my own pull request (while keeping the original commits to give credit where credit’s due).

So, if you’re already using GitHub Actions Usage, now you can output the results in TSV form:

This will also make it easier to build out JSON, CSV or other formatters as desired, so if you’ve got a request (or a pull request) to meet your needs, let me know.

Thanks, kim0!