About Codiform

Codiform is a small software consulting firm created by Geoffrey Wiseman. For some projects, no other staff will be necessary.

When the job calls for more developers, graphic designers, user-experience designers and IT staff, Codiform can help there too. I can assemble a team to meet your goals, or work with a team that you assemble, whether that’s working with your staff and other consultants, recruiting an entirely fresh team, or calling on a network of people that I’ve worked with before and trust.

Codiform builds web, mobile and desktop applications, both custom solutions and software products. I can help you recruit, grow and manage a team of software developers. I can get your projects on the rails and keep them from going off. I’ll help you decide how to solve business problems with software, and explain how technology can help your business grow. Let me know how I can help.

Geoffrey Wiseman

Geoffrey is a software developer, father, blogger and photographer. He has been building software for over ten years, from retail kiosks to hotel reservation systems, broadband video workflow, ideation groupware and insurance e-applications. He believes strongly in the benefits of using and contributing to open source software, and using agile and lean methods to ensure success. When he’s not building software, Geoffrey’s reading and writing about it.

If we’re meeting in person for the first time, it’s sometimes handy for you to know who you’re looking for: