Codiform and Geoffrey Wiseman have worked on a wide array of projects for different industries. I'd be happy to talk about how my experience can help you.

Recent Work

Codiform's most recent work includes:

API for Video Game Contest
A back-end API for a facebook contest for a major video game company's first-party title launch in Canada, using a RESTful API with a RAML descriptor, a DB/2 back end, spam flow control, a Maven build, CAPTCHA and a REST Assured test suite.

Java, DB/2, Maven, RAML, Captcha, REST Assured

Life Insurance eApplications
Software for creation and management of term and whole life insurance applications from broker to issuing, including PDF generation and integration with a back-end iSeries (AS/400) policy management system.

Java, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Hibernate, MySQL, iText, JT/400, DB2/400

Distributed Brainstorming
Collaborative software to allow companies to gather groups of employees and third-party experts around discussing the organization's challenges, possible solutions and other sorts of collaborative ideation.

Java, Spring, Hibernate, Tapestry, Flex, Hessian

Open Source

Codiform has a long history of using and contributing to open source software. When possible, I like to contribute code that we've written back to the open source community. The most recent work I've open-sourced can be seen on GitHub.

Past Work

I've worked on a wide array of other projects:

If you'd like to hear more about one of these projects or how I can help you with your project, just ask.


Codiform uses technology as a means to accomplish the work, so I try and remain flexible about the technologies I use, and make sure I'm using right tools for each job. The technologies I've most recently used and are most interested in:

  1. Java: Standard edition and enterprise, for building back-end web services, manipulating data in databases using JDBC and object-relational modelling, front-end web development using Tapestry and Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and desktop applications using Swing and Java Web Start. Java is robust and fast, reliable, and well-supported in tooling and integration.
  2. JavaScript: JavaScript is one of the most common programming languages in the world due to its secure place as the language for doing front-end development on the web browser, but has also come into its own as server-side platform with Node.js.
  3. Ruby and Python: Rapid web development using dynamic languages and the frameworks that go with them, whether that's Ruby on Rails or Python and Django. Dynamic languages often let you prototype and iterate quickly, refine your solution and launch it as quick as is possible.
  4. iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android: Powerful mobile devices are stepping into a lot of the territory traditionally held by computers and consuer electronics; there's a ton of interesting things happening in mobile and devices right now.
  5. Scala, Clojure, JRuby: Languages that allow you to blend some of Java's strengths with some of the strengths of the dynamic and functional languages.

Whether you have a platform already set in stone, or you'd like help choosing the technology that best fits your particular needs, Codiform would be happy to help.